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Novo Babylonia

The year is 2287 and the InterStellar Alliance has fractured with bitter border and trade conflicts between the races. President Ivanova calls on Earthforce for help. There is something coming, something darker and more frightening than anyone has seen before. All eyes turn to the newly appointed head of the Strategic and Tactical Command, whom with his jaded past has more than enough to worry about on his first day on the job. Many are now wishing that John J. Sheridan was around, especially his son, David.

Novo Babylonia - a fan made continuation of one of the greatest Sci Fi saga's of all time. Produced entirely by volunteers, everything from the music and sound to the writing and acting is done by fans. If think that you have something to give and some free time to give it, just drop us a line at the email address

Novo-B was created in May 2008 by Tony L and Darren W. The same guys that created Battlestar Tales:ViP's. The idea is simple: Everyone has an hidden talent. It is hoped that through Novo-B, fans are given the chance to explore their own creative side, to contribute to something that they love and to give more life to the Babylon 5 saga.